London/ Kyiv
Artist/ Art-director


my body – my treasure, self-portrait
curly boy, work on c paper, 42x60
homunkulus, iphone 11
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underwater touch,self-portrait

i am not a robot, self-portrait 
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crying whale, work on canvas,60x60 

underwater fly, iphone 7
cup of tea, iphone 7
circle pinks, iphone 7

peace protest performance
against the system, graffiti sketch
trash music video, unreleased, coming soon. #savetheplanet

shade tree, work on canvas, 250x190

alterego, self-portrait
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broken screen, mixed media

forest fairytale, iphone 7

forest alien, self-portrait
dream of a little girl,work on canvas,48x32
nature connections
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underwater alian, film 35mm
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find a deer, iphone 11
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untitled, work on rubbish plastic, 300x200
photo series, iphone 11
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untitlded, 140x100
ruka/noga, iphone 7

big city life sketch

seaside sketch

eye, work on canvas, 130х90